Hey there, I'm Dylan


I could sit here and list some likes and dislikes,

how much I love coffee and sunrises,

but first, let’s get to a basic question 

why do I photograph?


What do we get when we see ourselves frozen in time? 

Another angle on a memory we have. The ability to see things from a different perspective.


Time to focus in on the details of a moment for as long as we please. The gentle curve of our partners hair as it falls over their face as they laugh at our stupid joke. The specific color of their eye from that light that reflected off the water that one sweet summer eve. 

The beauty exploding from it all. 



This is why I photograph.

This ability to see a moment from a new vantage point.

To have the time to sit with it, roll it around in our brains and on our tongues like a lozenge, sucking the sweetness from a momentary glance of love.

For me, to be able to deliver this experience to a fellow human is quite an honor. I find joy in searching out these moments, with my camera poised in hand, pushing myself to capture the unexpected beauty I see in a fresh way. 

That is my focus. 

I’ve honed my skills over 10 years of photographing with a number of amazing photographers. From both coasts to the jungles of Costa Rica (it’s a story!) to olive groves in Spain, there are innumerable scenes glued into my memory. From here I hope to continue in the spirit of those who’ve helped me get to where I am, and mold the future in a way distinctly my own. 


Knowing how to look is a way of inventing.

Salvador Dali

Knowing how to look is a way of inventing.

Salvador Dali

what other photographers have to say about Dylan:

Dylan has a way of effortlessly sensing and perfectly capturing moments that often go ignored or missed by the average eye. He is attuned to the rhythm of life as it unfolds around him, therefore making him very keen to detail. His precision in timing when to capture a moment is wonderfully uncanny. There’s no doubt he brings the artistry to documentation, having an apparent fine art background, yet still preserving the realness factor. In terms of the business side of photography, he is timely, attentive, hardworking, and takes his time to make sure what he’s photographed is gold. I know this well as a previous wedding and lifestyle client, as well as contracting him as a second shooter for weddings I’ve photographed myself. Furthermore, his photo editing style is very true to life with a touch of added vibrance and accurate skin tones. I can’t recommend hiring Dylan enough if you care to see and remember your life honestly - the good, the mundane, the beautiful, the imperfect, and so on. 

-Love + Lichens

We love working with Dylan! He’s photographed us many times and every time I get a gallery back, I’m in awe of his artistic eye and sense of lighting and composition. As a photographer myself, I can be very picky about who I like to work with when I want a season of our life photographed. Looking back at our sessions with Dylan brings me all the nostalgic vibes in the best ways - I can see the love of our relationship and the laughter we share together through the beautiful, artistic lens that he curates and edits. We’re so grateful to have these memories preserved through his work!

-Sabrina Leigh Studios

okay, a bit more...

what I love:
- hand grinding my coffee beans
- playing guitar in sunny parks
- hiking through forests
- swimming in fresh water
- admiring the skin tones and colors of a good film photo
- meandering the streets of a new place while taking photos of the peculiarities I find

Favorite music:
- Ben Howard, Bon Iver (and Justin Vernon's other projects like Big Red Machine), Iron and Wine, Big Thief, The 1975, Grayson Fields, Hand Habits, and a million more

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